Stages of Labor


Prelabor is your body getting ready for birthing your child. Women experience a range of emotions during this stage.

Stages of Labor: Prelabor

Dilation Stage

The dilation stage is the first and longest stage of labor. This stage is marked by the cervix, thinning, softening, and opening to 10cm.

Early Labor

Getting into Active Labor

Active Labor


Stages of Labor: Dilation Stage

Birthing Stage

The birthing stage is the second stage of labor. This stage begins when your cervix is fully dilated and ends in a birth of your baby.

The Stages of Labor: Birthing Stage

Placental Stage

The last stage of labor is the placental stage in the placenta is birthed. The stage is very important but is often overlooked and ignored.

Stages of Labor: Placental Stage

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